5 Must-Have Dog Products under $30

Dogs are amazing! They’re great companions and even better friends. Dogs bring joy, comfort, and unconditional love into our lives in a way that not many other animals can match. When you love your dog the way we do, why wouldn’t you spoil them a little?

It’s no secret that the pet industry is growing in leaps and bounds. In particular, the demand for dog products has exploded in recent years as humans have become more aware of their dog’s need for quality and quantity of life. This is great news as it gives our furry friends the best resources for their mental and physical well-being.  

There are so many different things you can buy for your dog. You can get dog toys, food, collars and costumes just to name a few. But when it comes to looking for new products for your dog, where should you start? The following five dog products will make sure your dog has what he or she needs to be healthy, happy and full of energy – without blowing your pet budget.


It’s playtime! FuzzYard are a team of dedicated animal lovers who strive to offer you and your furry loved one the best quality, adorable and fun plush dog toys. Relatively new to the dog toy market, FuzzYard has made a name for themselves by recreating iconic food and drink brands into dog toys with fitting puns (the plush beer bottle with the label ‘Paw-rona Extra’ is a personal favourite.)

The plush dog toys are created by their team of in-house designers and they go through rigorous quality control and testing. Tested against heavy-duty playtime, you can rest assured that with FuzzYard dog toys your pet will have maximum playtime and entertainment. All their dog toys come in bright colours and with a super fun squeaker inside, guaranteed to keep your pet distracted for hours on end.


Cleaning your dog’s teeth is not only important, it’s easy with Greenies Dental Dog Treats. Made with high-quality ingredients that are easily digestible and provide balanced nutrition, these tasty dog treats help keep your dog’s teeth clean, promote gum health and freshen their breath. They contain special enzymes that help break up plaque and fight tartar, so you can give your dog a long-lasting healthy smile. From teenie to large, Greenies come in a variety of flavours and sizes to suit any pooch. Best of all, they’re vet recommended for dental care and fresh doggy kisses!


If your dog can’t get enough of chewing, give them something they’re sure to love—the Kong Core Strength Bamboo Dog Toy. Kong’s Core Strength dog enrichment toy uses durable, bamboo-infused material to entice chewing while providing long-lasting fun. Raised nubs and textures reward appropriate behaviour while having the benefit of cleaning teeth. Ideal for dogs that can’t spend enough time chewing, the unique design fulfils this desire while looking great in the household!

For trips away or those extra-long walks, the Beco Pets Travel Dog Bowl is an ideal portable bowl for every dog, big or small. No matter where you go or how far, you can make sure your pet has wholesome fresh food and clean water to remain hydrated and happy. The Beco Pets Blue Travel Dog Bowl collapsible design folds flat when not in use so it takes up minimal space in your bag or backpack. With three sizes and colours to choose from, there’s a bowl to suit every dog.

Take treats along for terrific training in the COA Dog Treat Bag. This multi-functional treat bag is a must-have for the serious enthusiast and dog trainer. It has generous storage and an abundance of stylish features, making it fantastic for any training or rewarding situation. With a magnetic and drawstring closure with a separate secure zipped pocket for valuables, the COA Dog Treat Bag’s wide opening allows for easy access while its durable material makes it water and dog resilient.

Hopefully, by now, you’ve got five more reasons to spoil your pup this week. A well-cared for dog will bring you the joy and delight that a relationship with human and their best friend can bring. For the best in dog care, be sure to check out My Pet Warehouse and Pet House.

My Pet Warehouse

My Pet Warehouse isn’t just a pet store; they are pet people, pet lovers and pet parents. When you shop with Pet Warehouse, either online or in-store, you can feel confident knowing that they wouldn’t sell, or recommend products they wouldn’t give to their own pets! With free shipping on orders over $49.99, My Pet Warehouse stocks over 5000 unique products including dog toys, dog treats, pet supplies and more. Get up to 40% off their sale pet products here.

Pet House

If you love your pet, you’ll love Pet Warehouse. Pet House is your one-stop shop for everything pet! Pet House is a 100% Australian-owned and operated business with a huge depth of knowledge, years of experience in the industry, and most importantly, a passion for pets! Their hard-working pooches taste their range of dog treats, play with dog toys and test how comfy the dog beds are to ensure each product gets the lick of approval. If you have any questions, Pet House staff are well-trained to give advice on any products they have in-store or online. Get up to 50% off a wide range of pet products here.

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