What Your Coffee Order Says About You

A waitress holding and serving a cup of hot coffee in cafe

You’re at the café, pondering the type of drink to order. Suddenly, you’re thrown into a philosophical debate with yourself about whether you’re a cappuccino or flat white person. Depending on the different types of coffee orders, you’re exposing a lot about your personality.

You may have had an inkling, but now you’ve got the proof; what your coffee order really says about you has been revealed by yours truly. Best of all, it’s backed up by facts and statistics because here at Shopa Docket, we believe in science.


Humble, straightforward, easy-going, introverted

Latte drinkers just want something simple to drink without complication. They are probably not that adventurous and don’t identify themselves as ‘risk-takers’. Because when you order steamed milk and a shot of coffee, what can go wrong? Lattes are for more middle of the road, mild-mannered people who are agreeable and happy to go with the flow. Some people would say boring, but I like to think ‘classic’.


Spontaneous, fun, artistic, irresponsible

Slightly more adventurous than the latte drinkers, cappuccino enjoyers tend to be very social people and appreciate an early morning Saturday walk just as much as staying out all night on a Friday. They can often be spotted in the wild at a dog-friendly café, nursing a hangover with a cappuccino in hand.

Flat White

Intelligent, wise, down-to-earth, argumentative

Ah, the flat white. Smooth and robust – just like you wish you were on your first date. For starters, the flat white drinkers know the difference between a flat white and a latte, making them intellectually superior. They are also up for a debate and won’t back down on even the most contentious of topics, like who was the worst dressed at the Met Gala.


Bold, witty, no-nonsense, short-fuse

If an espresso is your go-to hot drink, then you’re likely to be quite the ‘bold’ and ‘powerful’ type (or so you like to think). These people are strong in character, know what they want and are not afraid to ask for it. The best way of describing someone that drinks an espresso, or even a double espresso, is the same kind of people that will probably indulge in some light road rage on the commute to the office.

Iced Latte

Sincere, creative, bubbly, basic

Some like it hot, some like it cold and some like it with a whole lot of caramel syrup for some reason. The iced latte drinker will be seen clutching their favourite icy drink even in the dead of winter. Cold coffee drinkers are also more inclined to spend their time browsing Instagram or listening to a true-crime podcast while they sip away. Whatever you do, don’t confuse them with iced coffee drinkers, or you’ll get a stern talking to.

Cold Brew

Sophisticated, practical, logical, uptight

The cold brew enthusiast is a voice of reason and unlikely to do anything impractical. Because the cold brew drinker prefers simplicity in life, they tend to be very organised and efficient when it comes to their time management skills. Just don’t expect them to forget about the $5 you owe them.

Long Black

Efficient, organised, opinionated, serious

Like your no-nonsense straight black coffee, you like things just so. No frills or thrills needed in your life. You get stuff done and you get it done fast. Fancy schmancy people, like cappuccino and latte drinkers give you a headache. As far as you’re concerned, life, like your coffee should be black (and white)…and serious.

Melbourne Magic

Trendsetter, conceited, smug, know-it-all

Lastly, simply because any coffee personality list is incomplete without mentioning the Melbourne Magic, to our Melbournian friends and self-proclaimed coffee connoisseurs of the world, this one is especially for you. Allow us to paint the scene:

You just finished a solid morning workout and you’re feeling good. You strut down to your local organic café, where your friend is waiting for you. And you walk up to the counter and confidently order a ‘Melbourne Magic’, just loud enough so everyone in the café can hear you. Your friend looks at you in disbelief; you’ve finally transformed into a pretentious moron. Enough said.

All jokes aside, regardless of the type of coffee you prefer, it’s a ritual we all share. And, as humans, rituals are something that gives us comfort. 

Whichever type of coffee you choose for your daily cup(s) of comfort/caffeine fix, we know it will taste even better with a good coffee deal. So before you rush out to grab your first, second….or tenth coffee of the day, make sure to check out the Shopa Docket website or app first for coffee discounts and best café deals in your local area. 

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