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Glam it up

Now that the lockdown has started lifting in all parts of the world, there’s a lot of excitement everywhere as it’s the beginning of a new year. People will be looking forward to making up for lost time, reconnecting with loved ones. This means there are more reasons to get glammed up and more gift-exchanging occasions to account for.

Good salon deals

There’s nothing better than availing the opportunity to pamper yourself and feel good to set the new year’s tempo. A good salon will cost you money, but it should be comfortably within your budget. Who does not like bargain deals and discounts? Almost everyone!!! Shopa brings salon offers and full beauty coupons with a plethora of discounts to make the experience of the users even better.

Skin care is an art and a science

Good skin is everything and skin care is an art and a science. The trick to caring for your skin knows your skin, because understanding means you can find the right products that work for you. But the search for the products, able to create said perfect skin, takes a while. 

Premium salon services with no compromise

We understand that you need to go to salons monthly and it can get expensive to avail services at premium salons. Looking out for deals and discounts will help you save money and get high quality services. Our salon deals ensure that you can get premium quality of services at the best possible prices with no compromises. One thing’s for sure, we help you sort the good stuff from the fluff.

Clean beauty hauls for less

Be it a simple haircut or the best salon treatment, Shopa will always be there to find you the best place to visit with the best beauty coupons. We help you hunt for the best bargains and discounts so that you can get your clean beauty haul for less. After all, salon services aim at making the lifestyle of people from all generations easier and more convenient by giving them better choices to express themselves. 

Beauty miracles with full beauty coupons

Makeup is creative, fun and an expressive form of art. From young women to men in drags, makeup can transform you into anything you desire. Finding the best cosmetic brands at affordable rates may seem like trying to find the Holy Grail. However, it doesn’t have to be this way anymore! We have beauty coupons and salon offers from brands to thank for the beauty miracle.

Enjoy the quality me-time with big savings

Beauty coupons and salon deals are the perfect gift to enjoy that quality me-time in the most luxurious and satisfying way. Whether you want killer party hair or the perfect night-out makeup—or both. The Australian coupons will fit it all in your pocket budget.

If you are set out on a mission to make non-toxic the norm, and seek out clean food, beauty, consumer goods and more, we cover everything from budget-friendly beauty picks, great bargain sales to DIY tips and big savings deals. This New Year, simply indulge in the ceremonial process of spas and salons – the beauty magazines, the robes, head wraps, relaxation room and much more.

Find Best Pizza Deals & Coupons in Australia

Who doesn’t love food? Food is something that brings us together.

The love for food

Making food and sharing meals with others, whether that means catching up over a simple dinner or eating at a massive celebration, is believed to lead to a happier life. That’s why so many of our cultural, religious, and commemorative holidays and festivals centre around feasts.

Double your fun with lip-smacking pizza

Favoured by all ages, the easy-to-order and on-the-go food, whether you’re enjoying a lovely weekend at home watching a movie or having a party, a pizza can double the fun.

Grab our Australian coupons, pizza hut free pizza, pizza vouchers and pizza deal to treat your taste buds, tickle your eyes, and fill that hungry belly with the tastiest Pizzas baked just for you!

All seasons favourite

For many, food is a shared experience between loved ones that creates lasting memories. Not only does cultural expression through food allow us to be exposed to new flavours, but simply sharing a table or insights about one another’s food culture helps unmask the power to evoke and create memories, to channel and magnify emotions. After all, the New Year is meant to be celebrated with love, happiness, and good food. Who wouldn’t love a slice of fresh cheesy goodness?

Pizza deals for fast food lovers

Attention, fast food lovers!Discover the joy of gifting pizza hut coupons and pizza vouchers this New Year to your loved ones. Add a dash of new high to your celebrations with Shopa Docket’s mind-blowing pizza deals.

Connecting through food

Anywhere you might travel, people agree that food is one way to express feelings, create memories, and connect with others. Culture is a big part of food and food is a big part of many cultures. You can eat traditional dishes from your own culture with your family and learn about your own heritage through passed-down recipes within your own family.

The mood booster - pizza

While sharing a meal or cooking with someone you love, may seem small in the big scheme of things, but moments like these are necessary in increasing our mental well-being. If you need a mood boost, just remember– Shopa Docket got a bunch of pizza vouchers, only for you.

Food cravings – grab a pizza

Ask anyone what foods they crave, and most people will be able to reel off at least a couple of items without hesitation. While cravings aren’t always tied to emotional eating, it can also be caused by a nutritional deficiency, boredom, or self-imposed food restrictions. 

Pizza hut deals

Unfortunately, our bodies are hard-wired to crave junk food. Try changing up the style of food instead of the food itself. Well, now you can quit worrying and start enjoying this sumptuous Italian delight. Thanks to incredible deals on Pizza hut like pizza hut free pizza, pizza vouchers, pizza hut coupons, pizza deals and more.

All you need is Pizza!

Pizza is usually synonymous with junk food, right next to burgers and fries. It can go either way: quintessential greasy junk food or healthy combo of fresh ingredients. Honestly, watching a 30second television ad or seeing photos on social media of this delectable food can spark cravings.

Pizza - the savoury masterpiece

Pizza has always been an all-around crowd-pleaser, but the debate is-whether it is healthy or not? Turns out, it all comes down to which ingredients you choose. Treat your loved ones to an authentic fun experience with our pizza hut coupons, to soak up the Italian spirit of this savoury masterpiece.

Calling all pizza lovers

After all, who doesn’t want to start the New Year on a mouth-watering note. Here’s calling all fast-food lovers in town to grab the best free pizza hut, pizza deals at Shopa Docket. Simply satiate your midnight munching desire and dive straight into a guilt-free indulgence of voracious eating.

It’s Christmas Raining OFFERS

For those who missed some wonderful food deals at Thanksgiving, there’s no need to be disheartened. It’s pouring brilliant offers at Shopa Docket and we’re thrilled to be telling you about them.

1. Any day and at Any time

We’ve raved about the lip-smacking food before and today we’re raving about the same delectable food being served with irresistible family meal deals! Head over to your favourite restaurants and avail food coupons on your meal any time, any day. Let food be the love language to create connection, uplift your mood and satiate your palate.

2. Try the best restaurants in your city

Whether it’s a lunch date, an outing with friends, or your desire to indulge yourself in great grandma’s century old recipe, enjoy your feast at some of the best and hottest places to eat in your city. Since the business of selling sustenance is so lucrative, there exists a competitive market which is constantly lowering prices and expanding variety. With such a huge market to choose from, we always help you find new opportunities to save and try something new. Shopa Docket got it all covered for you! You never have to eat a boring meal again!

3. Good food on a Christmas

With Christmas knocking at the door, there is festivity in the air. It’s time to count down the final days of 2021 and roll into 2022. Irrespective of the fact how your previous year was, it is possible to end the year on a high note. It will take more than a few exciting meals alone to do that, but good food can’t hurt.

4. Fast Food Deals

Good eats don’t require a special occasion; sometimes it can simply be a reward for surviving through the week or even a long day at work. Delve into mouth-watering food and pamper yourself. Be it your birthday, anniversary or simply a craving to enjoy great food, we are here to spoil you with our fast-food deals and offers. Filter your search by season, holiday, special diet, meal type, popularity, or ingredient. From kid-friendly meals to budget-conscious family outings, avail our exclusive food deals and food coupons. Enjoy exploring dining at various food destinations. Eat it all from street food to haute cuisine and everything in between.

Christmas Food offers

5. We help you save money on your food bills

If you have a big appetite for dining out, Shopa Docket can make a world of difference to your wallet. You’ve found us as your perfect inspiration, one-stop shop for – family meal deals, food coupons, and fast food deals and all other offers and discounts. We pull together the best food deals from restaurants across the country. Filled with all the goodness, our food deals are inspired from those who have genuine love for food.

6. Craving for home made delicacies

In a perfect world of the curious and the hungry, there’s room for everybody. ‘Home cooks’ who cook and sell out of their home kitchens are adding a new variety to this super diverse dining scene, which only makes our existing diversity more exciting. Their focus on the foods which are inherent to local culture give you a window straight to the heart of many countries and allows you to immerse in the history of the place. 

7. Try local dishes

If you spend your holidays thinking about what you’re going to eat next, you are in the right place. We help you plan your perfect dining experience in the best culinary restaurants in your city. Whether it is a street stall or Michelin star excellence that is almost too pretty to eat, we do the roundups of the best restaurants with the best family meal deals in your neighbourhood. All you have to do is whet your appetite with plenty of local dishes. 

8. Plan your Holidays in the right place

If you spend your holidays thinking about what you’re going to eat next, you are in the right place. We help you plan your perfect dining experience in the best culinary restaurants in your city. Whether it is a street stall or Michelin star excellence that is almost too pretty to eat, we do the roundups of the best restaurants with the best family meal deals in your neighbourhood. All you have to do is whet your appetite with plenty of local dishes. 

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7 Simple Ways to Not Break the Budget this Christmas

In a year that’s been financially tough for most Ausssies, the run up to December 25th can be a but stressful. Even at the best of times, Christmas can be expensive. The gifts, food and outings all add up, with the sum total equalling a gaping hole in your bank account. And often a financial hangover that lasts well into the new year.

It’s enough to bring out anyone’s inner Grinch, but there’s no reason to cancel Christmas! This year we need it more than ever! Instead, here’s seven simple ways to not break the budget this Christmas, and you’ll cruise through December with your savings (and your sanity!) intact.

1. Set a budget – and stick to it!

The first way to ensure you don’t break the budget is to actually SET a budget. It’s a simple first step, but it’s often overlooked. So, before you even spend your first festive farthing, sit down with a cup of tea (or wine!) and figure out exactly how much you can really afford to spend.

Once you’ve decided on the amounts you have up your sleeve for gifts, food and fun outings, don’t budge from your budget. No matter how ‘once in a lifetime’ the offer, or shiny the temptation!

2. Opt for a family Kris Kringle

Is it just us, or does the list of people you have to buy gifts for seem to multiply each Christmas? There’s family, friends, and partners to consider, as well and maybe workmates and favourite (and not-so-favourite) teachers. Then there’s the hostess gift for every drinks party, as well as a 6-pack for the postie… and that’s just the start!

One simple way to rein in the spending is to replace the endless gift swapping on the 25th with a family Kris Kringle (or Secret Santa). If you’re a newbie to this….the way it works is that each person attending is allocated ONE person to buy a gift for, and a gift budget is usually set. This means you might spend $50 on one thoughtful, well-chosen gift, rather than filling your trunk with a load of tatt and draining your dwindling bank account. You can get one family member to organise it and collect hints to pass on!

3.Shop early!

3. There is NOTHING that ruins Christmas Eve – and blows a holiday budget – like a last-minute dash to Westfield, trying to find a carpark with a shopping list as long as your arm. Gifts you had in mind might be sold out, and you’ll be left spending too much with over-budget purchases. So, make a list, check it twice, and shop for gifts and non-perishables well ahead….and chill out on Christmas eve instead!

4. Plan your Christmas menu and get everyone to pitch in

Playing hostess over the holidays? No need to do it all yourself! Plan the dishes you’d like to make, shop around for the best deals on ingredients, alcohol and snacks, then share the catering load. Delegate the remaining dishes to your guests, and don’t be afraid to make the proceedings BYO.

Everyone will be happy to lighten your financial (and work!) load and you’ll have more fun and less stress.

5. Be a deal detective

You DO want to shop early to alleviate eleventh-hour stress, but you also want to make sure the price is right. This means you’ll sometimes need to wait for an item to go on sale.

But won’t have to wait long! These days there are endless deals, two-for-one offers and discounts to be found throughout the year – and taking advantage of them will leave extra change in your pocket in December.

To make sure you don’t miss out, subscribe to the enewsletters for your favourite brands and stores, and follow them on social media for promotions like Black Friday and Pre-Christmas sales. Or for discounts and special offers on dining, hair and beauty, health and fitness, travel, entertainment and more? Take advantage of Shopa Docket.

You’ll find coupons on the back of dockets at Target, Kmart, Chemist Warehouse, Big W and Harris Farm nationally, as well as larger independent stores. You can also get these offers online, or when you’re on the go by using the Shopa Docket app ¬ making sure you play the app game to win extra vouchers!

6. Shop from your couch!

Shopping online really is a great way to ensure you get the best bang for your Christmas buck. It’s the easiest way to compare prices, and it can also give you bargaining power with bricks-and-mortar retailers that price match.

Playing digital Santa for gift and vouchers will also save you petrol money and aching legs. However, don’t forget about delivery fees and do take time to read up on each online return policy.

7. Give homemade gifts or experiences

All those new talents you honed during lockdown? Now’s the time to showcase them! Use your new watercolour skills to make your own wrapping paper or cards, treat Nanna to a loaf of banana bread, or give your cousin a voucher for a free guitar/cooking/tennis lesson from you! Handmade gifts or donations of your time are not only affordable, they’re thoughtful and memorable. So, don’t be afraid to think out of the box this Christmas!

Want more local savings?

Ways you can support your local business community

It’s as important now, as ever, to support your local business community. COVID has created a shockwave through businesses, leaving many to rebuild or forced to let go. Businesses were unable to predict or prepare for the financial loss that has unfolded throughout 2020. Unfortunately, they will continue to suffer, but there is something we can all do to help and support our community. We’ve come up with 10 ways of how to support your local business community during and ongoing, in the new world of COVID normal.

What can you do?

1. Support local, means buy local.

For your next takeaway meal, re-think your order. Instead of ordering from a big chain pizza business, choose your independent pizza maker in your local area. What would be even one step better, is ordering directly through the restaurant for pick up. Whilst using a delivery service is convenient, unfortunately the restaurant takes a hit of the sale, providing a % to the courier.

2. Did you have a great experience with a business?

You may have purchased a new item of clothing from a local designer and the customer service was fantastic. Leave a review for that business, complementing on how wonderful their communication was and how you would highly recommend them. Online reviews do wonders for a small, independent business.

3. Use social media to help market a local business.

If you enjoyed your experience with a brand, use social media for the greater good! Use your Instagram story for sharing a product. Talk about what you love about it and link the business to your story. Not only are you supporting and sharing an independent business amongst your network, but you are letting a business know that they’re doing a great job!

4. Refer a friend!

Did you recently purchase something that was beautifully made or eat something from a restaurant that you would highly recommend? Let your friend, or a family member know that they should also try it! Spread the word …

5. Can you volunteer?

It may not be practical for many businesses, but do you offer a service that a local business may need short-term (or even long-term) help with? Can you help with their social media, marketing, letterbox drop or bookkeeping? Volunteering is extremely beneficial for both parties involved, it makes you feel good, whilst supporting someone who really needs the help!

6. Reschedule don’t cancel.

Consider rescheduling if you’ve made a booking that needs to be postponed due to COVID. Instead of asking for a refund, keep your booking and pencil in a new date.

7. Take a raincheck.

This also goes for holidays. Take a raincheck. You’ll be thankful you kept a booking when things return to ‘normal’. Alternatively, if restrictions have lifted, book some time away. Book local accommodation and stay, eat, and enjoy a country town which is home away from home.

8. The gift of giving.

8. Stuck for a birthday present for a friend, or would like to gift something to someone that is doing it tough? Purchase a gift card from a local business! This then allows the giftee to browse and choose their own item. This is especially useful if you’re buying for someone that is impossible to buy for! (we all have one of those people in our lives, right?).

9. Stick with them!

If your local gym was or is temporarily shut down, keep training through Zoom or one-on-one personal training sessions. Whilst not ideal it keeps your motivation high and your body moving. If your children’s dance/music/art lessons are closed find out if they are teaching online classes. It’s helping teachers keep their classes going and encourages children to socialise.

10. Shop locally

Shop for your groceries locally as often as you can. When buying food or household staples, consider visiting your local independent supermarket, bakery, greengrocer or butcher where you’re more likely to pick up items the big supermarkets may be running low on while also supporting your local community.


If you’re a small business, we hope that you will make it through this challenging time. If you’re someone that wants to support your local business community, we hope that you can find a way that best suits you and your family with our ten suggestions.

Want more local savings?

Teaching Kids About Money and Savings

One of the best things we can instil in our children is a healthy relationship with money. Kids learn about money spending habits by what they see their parents doing (good and bad!).

Here are some Shopa tips to teach your kids about money and savings:

1. Start Young.

If your child is showing an interest in money encourage them. When you’re out at the shops together – let them hand over the cash or card when you are paying at the checkout. Explain how Tap and Pay works. Going through the supermarket can turn into a lesson about money – you can point out which items are expensive, which ones are cheaper options and how much food costs each week for the family. Show them the receipt at the end – did you get any discounts? Talk about how you can be a smart shopper by looking for savings, deals and lower priced items that do the same job as the more expensive ones. These are all life lessons that your children will remember and for busy parents you’re multi-tasking (again!) Go you!

2. Set Up A Savings Account.

It’s never too early to set up a savings account for your child. Money boxes are great for young kids and encourage savings from day one. Get your child to put in any birthday and pocket money and take it into the bank together. The coin collection machines at the bank are great fun for kids! Show your child their bank statement – they’ll feel proud and enjoy watching the balance increase!

3. Talk About Budgeting.

Explain in simple terms how you earn the money and that you need to spend it on important things first, such as food, clothes, electricity, rates or bigger bills like paying rent or a mortgage and if there’s money left you may decide to save a bit and spend treat yourself to something! You can even do a basic budget together like how much a birthday party costs.

4. Good Spending Habits.

Your spending habits influence your children – are you a spender or saver? Show your child what you are spending money on and why. Is it because you got a great discount to bulk buy? Essentials for the house? Or paid a bill early to get a prompt payment discount? The more your child understands the better.

5. Let Kids Make their Own Money Mistakes.

No-one is perfect, and let’s be honest we’ve all spent money on things we didn’t really need. Explain about needs vs wants and encourage your child to think about this before they buy something. It’s good for children to understand if they spend all their money on something they don’t really need it will take longer to achieve another savings goal.

6. Pocket Money.

Show kids the value of money by setting chores for them to do in return for pocket money each week. This shows children that they have to work to earn. Maybe pay them on the same day each week – like a ‘payday’. Things like:

  • helping with the family laundry
  • meal preparation
  • mowing the lawn
  • car washing
  • walking the dog

Teen Money Tips:

1. Apply for a Credit Card.

Now that they’ve had a savings account for some years it’s time to test their skills with a credit card – they’ll be surprised at first that it’s not just free money! Paying this off will not only help instil good money habits but it contributes to their credit rating when it comes to taking out future loans. They can hunt around online for a low limit card so they can’t get into too much trouble and research the best interest rates on cards. Make sure you stay on top of their spending by linking the account to yours and teach the importance of not spending more than they can afford.

2. Part-Time Employment.

Teen years are a great time to get a part-time job. Start by helping them put together their CV. Their first job will give them confidence, some cash and valuable life skills like learning about payslips, super and tax. It also means they can start working out how to budget for bigger ticket items such as an overseas trip, car or to move out of home.

3. Get Teens to Contribute.

Once teens reach a certain age some parents ask them to contribute in the form of ‘board’ or ‘rent’. If this isn’t your style you can ask your child to chip in for educational expenses such as excursions, laptops or maybe lifestyle purchases like clothing, mobile phones and entertainment.

Want to stretch your dollar further?

10 Affordable and Fun Date Ideas for Couples

It’s fun to getting dressed up and head out on a date night but this can get expensive or maybe you and your partner are in a “dating rut” and doing the same things each time you go out together. Well, romance doesn’t have to be boring or cost the earth so here’s some date ideas to get you started:

1. Take a Day Trip Together.

Turn your mobiles off and go for a drive to an area you’ve been keen to explore. Maybe it’s a winery, art gallery or a food festival you’ve always wanted to check out? Or a hike in a national park? It’s also a great opportunity to support the local regions!

2. Try a New Restaurant.

There’s plenty of great deals around on quieter nights and some have great lunch deals too. You might find a new cuisine you love! Short on time? Make a date for a ‘coffee and cake deal’ before you do the weekend grocery shopping together.

3. Enjoy A Picnic Together.

Whether it’s stargazing in the backyard at night after the kids are in bed or going to the beach or local park. Grab a picnic blanket, some great food and a nice priced wine.

4. Couples Fitness.

There’s lots of introductory exercise and sport classes that are well priced and you might find a new interest together! Zen out with Yoga or Tai Chi or maybe sweat it out in a Spin class at your local gym. Are you a daring couple? Try Skydiving! Romantic? Maybe hot air ballooning. Fun couple? Paintball or Laser Tag anyone?

5. Cook At Home.

Wait! We don’t mean the everyday cook at home (yawn) routine. Have your own Masterchef experience! Since lockdown there’s plenty of chefs doing online cooking classes. Pick a cuisine you’ve never tried, grab the ingredients and your favourite tipple go gourmet at home. The best bit? No babysitter needed!

6. Check Out You Local Pubs.

Most pubs have mid-week meal deal nights. Find out if they have some fun activities like trivia, bingo or if you’re game you can try karaoke!

7. Learn a Language Together.

Maybe you’re both dreaming of planning an overseas trip in the future and would love to know a few basics? There’s lots of conversational language classes around and some offer ‘a taste of’ classes to trial for free.

8. Do an Ice Creamery Challenge.

Google local ice cream stores and try a new flavour together. Two scoops anyone?

9. Explore Your Creative Side.

There’s plenty of pottery classes, painting and life drawing classes around (some do the first one for free!) or buy a few cheap materials and do an online tutorial at home!

10. When In Doubt.

Last but not least, pizza and a movie never fails.

Want to save on your next date?