5 Ways To Save Your Gold This St Patrick’s Day

Group of Friends Celebrating St Patrick's Day with Beer

Aside from that cheeky little leprechaun, St Patrick’s Day evokes images of Irish culture, parades, special foods, music, dancing, drinking and a whole lot of green. With so many reasons to celebrate, the cost of drinking can quickly add up. Here are five ways to get your drinking shenanigans on this St Paddy’s day without it costing a pot of gold.


1. To save money, consider drinking at home

Have you ever been out drinking and got slugged with a wine or beer three times the markup? Unfortunately for your savings account, paying a hefty amount for food and drinks at a restaurant or bar is considered normal. So why not celebrate this St Patrick’s Day at home this year instead? Invite a few friends over for something fun like learning how to concote a new cocktail or practicing your mixology skills, host a (drunken) game night…or just kick back with a craft beer (that you haven’t been totally over-charged for), and enjoy the footy on telly. If you’re supplying drinks for the crew, check out the Shopa Docket liquor and alcohol discounts online to avoid paying full price.

If you’ve already got plans to go out this St Patricks Day, save some moolah by starting the festivities at home.


2. Prioritise happy hours or promotions

 Are after work drinks breaking your budget? It’s always a good idea to take advantage of happy hours or promotions at nearby bars or local pubs. You can discover the cheapest beer prices through signage, online or simply calling ahead and asking. Your favourite Irish pub is likely to have some seasonal liquor specials or an extended happy hour this St Patrick’s Day so put on your green suit, practice your Irish dancing and go enjoy a crispy pint of half-price Guinness!


3. Buy pitchers or bottles of wine when you’re drinking with friends

Sharing is caring (and saving). If you’re heading to a bar with friends to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, the suggestion to share a jug of beer or bottle of wine over a single glass is always a good shout. For instance, if you’re buying wine at a venue, the bottle is always a better deal. If you do the menu math, you’ll see that buying the bottle should equal at least one ‘free’ glass of wine.


4. Pace yourself!

 St Patrick’s Day can be the one night of the year when people tend to go overboard with drinking and celebrating. Not only can excessive drinking hurt your head the next day, but it can also hurt your bank account too. Having a break or a glass of water between alcoholic beverages can save you a lot of money in the long run. This is a great rule to adopt every time you go out drinking as it’s beneficial for your health as well as your savings.


5. Look for alcohol deals online

You can score hundreds of alcohol discounts online – no Irish luck needed! Dedicated coupon websites like Shopa Docket can have you boozing on a budget any time of the year – not just St Patrick’s Day! Browse liquor specials, beer deals and alcohol discounts from leading bottle shops around Australia, including BWS specials, special offers from Liqourland, First Choice Liquor and more!  You can also search for alcohol specials specific to your local area. Spend wisely and as always, enjoy alcohol responsibly.

Disclaimer: The content created for this blog is intended for adults of the legal drinking age. Shopa Docket does not advocate over-consumption or the abuse of alcohol. For more information about responsible drinking, please visit:  https://drinkwise.org.au/.

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